• Grading Practice
    Algebra 1 Extended:
    • Assessment - 45%
    • Classwork - 35%
    • Homework - 20%


    Principles of Geometry:

    • Assessment - 45%
    • Classwork - 45%
    • Homework - 10% 

    **All grades are posted on Infinite Campus. It is recommended for you to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account in order to monitor your child's progress**

    Homework Rationale

    The Mathematics Department values homework because we believe students need to practice and need exposure to fluency with new concepts. Homework challenges students to self-evaluate their current understanding of the material. We believe independent assignments permit students to take ownership of their education. It forces them to be aware of their ease struggles with the material and become advocates for themselves. Homework is also an excellent source of data collection. Homework is assigned daily. Homework support exists daily through Call Back and the Elton Brand Academy.

    In all courses:

    • Homework should demonstrate that it was completed with care and accuracy.
    • Homework should be completed to the best of each student's ability.
    • Homework should be returned to school on time.
    • Homework will be graded based on completion.