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    Mrs. Lennane is excited to be teaching Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus this year! This is her seventh year at Peekskill High School. She can be reached at jlennane@peekskillschools.org or Ext 3702 at (914) 737 - 0201. All assignments and announcements for all classes are on her Google classroom pages. Parents and guardians can email Mrs. Lennane to be invited.


    PHS Overarching Goal: To improve graduation rate to 90% and increase Regents results by 5%.


    Mrs. Lennane's Daily Schedule:

    Period 3: AP Calculus AB

    Google Classroom Code: 6v7h37r

    Room 213

    Period 4: Pre-Calculus Honors

    Google Classroom Code: qz36ko7

    Room 210

    Period 6 (Day 1): Math Support

    Google Classroom Code: usec2xn

    Room 210

    Period 6 (Day 2): Math Support

    Google Classroom Code: uueto5q

    Room 210

    Period 8 and 9: Algebra 1

    Google Classroom Code: xqshdhz

    Room 213



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     For the fastest response, students and parents can also leave a voice message or text message my Google Voice number, which goes directly to my personal email.