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    Mrs. Lennane is excited to be teaching Pre-Calculus as well as Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Regents classes this year! This is her fifth year at Peekskill High School. She can be reached at jlennane@peekskillschools.org or Ext 3702 at (914) 737 - 0201. All assignments and announcements for all classes are on her Google classroom pages. Parents and guardians can email Mrs. Lennane to be invited.


    PHS Overarching Goal: To improve graduation rate to 87% and increase Regents results by 5%.


    Mrs. Lennane's Daily Schedule:

    Period 3: Algebra 2 Honors

    Google Classroom Code: 6jsxnyj

    Period 4: Algebra 2 Honors

    Google Classroom Code: r2pdi76

    Period 6: Pre-Calculus

    Google Classroom Code: pvrn54p

    Period 8/9: Algebra 1 Double Block

    Google Classroom Code: lffkcmp



    Grading Practices

    Homework Policy

    Online Math Resources


     There will be virtual office hours every Wednesday from 12:50pm to 1:50pm. Students can find the link to my office hours Meet on their Google Classroom pages. Students can join at any point during the hour to ask questions or get tutoring on current material. Please Note: There will not be office hours on Wednesdays that are instructional days due to 4-day school weeks.


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