• Welcome to Mr Del Casale's Teacher Page
    Hello, welcome to my Teacher Page. My name is Mr. Del Casale (most students call me Mr. D) and I am the Choral Director and Guitar Instructor for the Peekskill High School and one of three teachers in the PHS Performing Arts Department. (Mr. Hahn Hahn:Band Director and Mr. Sandler: Drama and Theatre Director).
    The Choral department has two components or classes: The Concert Chorus which takes the incoming ninth grade Chorus from the Peekskill Middle School and other students at PHS with a desire to sing as part of a larger ensemble. The second component or class is Select Chorus the class that is home to the PHS "City Singers" a level VI, NYSSMA vocal Jazz ensemble.
    The Guitar component has two classes: a level 1, Introduction to Guitar and an Advanced Guitar Class in which student are playing at a higher ensemble level. Students must pass through Guitar 1 in order to advance to Guitar 2.
    Contact me with any questions or concerns at: