• Welcome to Mrs. Brown World of Art

    The EARTH would be a boring place without Art in it!

    This 2020-21 school year, I will be working with students in Studio in Art, Advanced Art I, Advanced Art II, Portfolio Development, and Printmaking. 

    Office Hours: 12:50pm-1:50pm every Wednesday 

     PHS's Overarching Goal: 87% increase graduation rate and an 5% increase of Regents exams  

    Expection for students during the livestreaming lesson : mute your microphone expect when speaking, participate in group discussions, no background noise, only the students in the class should be viewed by the teacher, no taping the classmeets no exception   

    Attendance: For students who are virtinully present in class, they are expected to be active participants in the class and must remain on the google meet for the entire 38 mintutes of instruction 



    hbrown@peekskillschools.org   914-737-0201 ext 3619