Welcome to Mr. Larsen's teacher page!


    Mr. Larsen is the Choral Director of Peekskill High School and teaches the following classes:


    Concert Choir: a large chorus ensemble that accepts 9th - 12th graders. Anyone interested in joining the chorus program can be in this ensemble to grow as a musician. Google Classroom code is ckps7o7 .

    City Singers: a small vocal jazz ensemble of 10th - 12th graders. Students must have enrolled in Concert Chorus and have a recommendation from Mr. Larsen to join this ensemble. The City Singers perform year-round at various venues and compeitions. Google Classroom code is n7bs46e .

    Introdution to Guitar: a class that offers students the chance to learn, study, and read music by performing on the guitar. Students learn various styles of playing and are introduced to different genres of music through this class. Google Classroom code for PERIOD 2 is us45i5i . Google Classroom code for PERIOD 3 is q5ti44k .

    All students in each class are required to perform at the high school Winter and Spring Concerts.


    For more information about the courses, here are the syllabus files that students recieve at the beginning of the year:

    Chorus Syllabus

    Guitar Syllabus


    Expectations for virtual classes: students should have their mics muted (unless answering a question), must have their cameras on to show they are present, should be in a quiet environment with no background noise, and must participate in class activities.


    To contact Mr. Larsen, you can email him at klarsen@peekskillschools.org or call the high school and dial extension 3239 


    Peekskill High School's Overarching Goal - To increase the graduation rate to 87% and increasing regent results up by 5%