• Welcome to Mrs. Tabone's Teacher Class!

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    I have had the honor of teaching in Peekskill for the past 10 years, both at the Middle AND High School. I currently am teaching the following art courses: Creative Crafts, Studio Art, Advanced Art 1 and Sculpture.

    • PHS's Overarching Goal:87%graduation rate and students increasing their regent results by 5% 
    • Expectations of student during livestreaming lessons : mute your microphone except when speaking, participate in group discussion, no background noise, only the student in the class should be viewed by the teacher - no exceptions
    • Attendance: While students are virtually present in class, they are expected to be active participants in class and must remain on the google class for the entire 38 minute instructional period. 

    Below is my schedule with my classes and Google Class codes. Google Classroom is where I post important information. 

    Period 1 Advanced Art 1:uvzq27i

    Period 5 Studio Art : s2fnzsr

    Period 7 Studio Art :nplp6ys

    Period 8 Sculpture :4w22d2j

    Period 9 Creative Crafts :pptqzsg


    You can reach me at etabone@peekskillschools.org if you have any questions or concerns