• Fitness and Dance

    "Health is Wealth"- Kevin Hart

    I am Mr.Rice. I teach Fitness and Dance at both Peekskill High School and Peekskill Middle School. In addition to teaching, I also coach soccer, wrestling and lacrosse in the district. I am a graduate of Peekskill and I have a great interest in futhering the knowledge of the community's students in providing them with tools to engage in a lifelong physical fitness well beyond their years as a student. This class allows the students to do so by exposing them to a variety of methods to enhance and build their physical fitness and knowledge of how to be a physically fit individual.


    If you have any questions, concerns or would like to know more I can be reached at crice@peekskillschools.org


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    If any assistance during distance learning, my office hours are as follows:

    Monday- 11-11:45

    Tuesday- 11-11:30

    Wednesday- 11-11:30

    Thursday- 11-11:45