• Massage for all students:


    I encourage you all to please log on to your google classroom page where all our virtual classes in Physical Eduction will take place! Each one of my Physical Education classes will join their periods with an individualized Google code and live Google meet link. Your link will be  found on the header of YOUR Google classroom. If you have any questions or concerns regarding instruction please reach out to me via email (rortiz@peekskillschools.org).

                                    Google Classroom Code:

    Physical Education- Period 1-Day 1: tnw4oum

                                   - Period 1-Day 2: vhff6eb  

                                   - Period 3-Day 1: 4ra57mz

                                   - Period 3-Day 2: caaas57

                                   - Period 4-Day 1: yzbf432                                                                                                         

                                   - Period 4-Day 2: zvu4bkm

                                   - Period 5-Day 1: dj73qmd

                                   - Period 5-Day 2: ia5ng3j

                                   - Period 7-Day 1: dsvpnd2

                                   - Period 7-Day 2: rtye44j

     I hope you and your families are staying safe!


    Coach, Ortiz                                   

    Virtual Bell Schedule