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    My name is Briana DeGeorge, and this is my first year teaching  at Peekskill High School, although I've been teaching for seven years. I am really excited to work with your children this school year!

    I encourage parents to ask questions and be actively involved in student learning. I am open to providing information for parents and families about updates for students’ academic progress and English language acquisition. I believe that all students can succeed, if given the proper encouragement, resources, and guidance from parents, family, peers and teachers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns. I look forward to working with you and your child. 

    Students: If you have any questions or need any extra help, you can find me in room 233. I am available after school by appointment or everyday during call back from 2:46 - 3:00 PM. You may also reach me by email bdegeorge@peekskillschools.org or you can call me through the school at (914) 737-0201. 




    Google Classroom Class Codes




    Once signed in, click to join my class with the codes below:

    Period 1,2,9

    New Comers Program
    Class code: z0aajn

    Period 7

    Advanced ENL
    Class code: 9dykvk

    Period 8

    Advanced ENL
    Class code: i3vhoa

    Grading Policy


    Grades: All grades are posted in Infinite Campus.  It is recommended for you to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, in order to monitor your son/daughter's progress.)

    This is how your grades will be determined in ENL/English.  This is a uniform practice for all English Classes!

    Assessments: 50%

    Classwork: 40%

    Homework: 10% 

    English Department: Homework Rationale:

    According to research done by the National Education Association (NEA), “at the secondary school level, student homework is associated with greater academic achievement.”  Not only does homework support students in developing core skills as readers, writers, and thinkers, it supports them in building a strong work ethic and developing time management skills that lead to ongoing success, especially in college where much of the work is done outside of class.  In alignment with the NEA’s guidelines, our homework assignments usually fall into one of three categories: “practice, preparation, or extension.” The goals of homework assignments include practicing in order to master skills introduced in class, preparing for success in both the short and long term, and extending learning through completing assessments that are always started in class.  Students are generally given more than one day to complete homework assignments and given opportunities to work with teachers during callback to receive clarification and support. It is without question that “we learn by doing” (Aristotle); therefore homework plays a vital role in furthering the education of students that occurs both in school and at home.


    Any questions or concerns please email me at

    bdegeorge@peekskillschools.org or come see me at call back!