•   Welcome to Global History: Part 2 in which we will cover history from 1750 to the present. You are going to be challenged to become & little historians.” You will be encouraged to look critically at world history and make your own interpretations while studying primary (first hand) documents. Through this process you will hopefully become more conscious of the world around us and understand how we have been shaped by past events.

           Additionally, it is important for you to understand that this course ends in a NYS Regents exam in June. Therefore, and YES!!!! I have to say it!!!! You have to gain knowledge in this class to move forward towards your high school diploma.

          WELCOME TO THE SECOND HALF OF GLOBAL HISTORY!!!! I look forward to teaching and learning with you this 2019/2020 school year.

About Me:

Mrs. Ramirez



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Mrs. Ramirez


My name is Mrs. Ramirez, I teach Global II here at Peekskill High School.

The periods I teach are:

Period 2- Global II (class code: ix476zx)

Period 4- Global II (class code: y2isuzj)

Period 5- Global II (class code: ygc2qlp)

Period 8- Global II (class code: o5alkts)


Period 9- Global II w/ Ms. Sabatini (class code: vrutbkv)