• Welcome to Mr. Barone's 2020-2021 Science Page!  


    What I Teach:

    2nd Period - WCC Forensics [9:21AM-9:59AM]

    3rd Period - WCC Forensics [10:02AM-10:40AM]

    7th Period - Regents Chemistry [12:50PM-1:28PM]

    8th Period - Regents Chemistry Lab, Day 1s [1:32PM-2:13PM]

    8th Period - Honors Chemistry Lab, Day 2s [1:32PM-2:13PM]

    9th Period - Honors Chemistry [2:17PM-2:55PM]

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    When I'm Free:

    I'm free before school, from 7AM up until my first class at around 9AM.  The best time to meet with me is after school; after 3:00PM.  I typically stay at school late - so after school is the best time for students/parents to meet with me. 

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    Contact Me:    

    The best way to contact me is to email me at the email address below.    



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    Google Classroom Access:

    Parents - email me if you'd like to be added to the class as well (I'd need a working email address)

    Class codes:

    2nd Period WCC Forensics: hebyfaj

    3rd Period WCC Forensics: 7ubr3rh

    7th Period Chem: vrv4rv2

    9th Period Honors Chem: pwsfk2b