• Welcome to Mr. Barone's 2022-2023 Science Page!  


    What I Teach:

    3rd Period - WCC Forensics [9:46AM-10:26AM]

    5th Period - WCC Forensics [11:12AM-11:52AM]

    7th Period - Honors Chemistry [12:38PM-1:18PM]

    8th Period - Chemistry Lab [1:21PM-2:01PM]

    9th Period - Regents Chemistry [2:04PM-2:44PM]

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    When I'm Free:

    I'm free before school, from 7:30AM up until my first class at around 9:46AM.  The best time to meet with me is during that time (7:40AM-9:30AM) before my first class.  If scheduled, I can usually meet right after school for a few minutes at 3:00PM, but I can only stay until 3:30PM most days. (I have my own kids in daycare!)

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    Contact Methods:    

    The first way I contact parents/students is by email.  It is faster, easier, and there's a record of our conversation(s).  It is my preferred method of communicating progress to parents/students.  I'll send BCC emails to students first if they are falling behind in their work, and a week later, I'll send a similar BCC email to parents/guardians if the student hasn't caught up.  As such, it's very important that parents have current emails updated on Google Classroom and with the Peekskill High School main office.  Also, it's important that parents check their emails regularly, too!  If I need to get a hold of parents to discuss matters in more detail, or if we can't connect via email, then I'll call using the numbers listed by the main office.  Again, make sure phone numbers and contact information is updated!  

    The best way to contact me for any reason (update, concern, schedule parent/teacher conference, etc) is to email me at the email address below.    


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    Google Classroom Access:

    Parents - email me if you'd like to be added to the class as well (I'd need a working email address).

    Class codes:

    3rdPeriod WCC Forensics: fkyfwm6

    5th Period WCC Forensics: hxdddbn

    7th Period Honors Chem: iwh54ow

    9th Regents Chem: znrsclh