Welcome to Art at PHS!

  • "Creativity takes courage"

    ~Henri Matisse 

    Ms. Kossowsky


    For the 2020-2021 school year I will be teaching the following art courses:

    1st Period:     Studio Art

    3rd Period:     Creative Crafts

    4th Period:     Creative Crafts

    7th Period:     Digital Photography 1 (1st &2nd MP)

                            Digital Photography 2 (3rd & 4th MP) 

    8th Period:      Digital Photography 1 (1st &2nd MP)

                            Digital Photography 2 (3rd & 4th MP) 



    Office Hours for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows: 

    Wednesdays: 12:50pm-1:50pm. Please see the link posted in our google classroom page to reach me during this scheduled time. 

    *All grades are posted on Infinate Campus and can be seen through parent portal.

     You can reach me at nkossowsky@peekskillschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.


    Google classroom codes: 

    Studio Art 1st period: bc6samk

    Creative Crafts 3rd period: 5uvnxqb

    Creative Crafts 4th period: n7dktjk

    Digital Photography 1 7th period: mpoaycl

    Digital Photography 1 8th period: 5y2odsu