• Message for all students:

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We will be starting the year off fully virtual! 

    You must log onto the google classroom and complete assignments as well as join the google meet (listed in the banner of the google classroom) during the class time on the "Virtual Bell Schedule". I have listed the google classroom codes by period below as well as the virtual and hybrid bell schedules. If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the projects, weekly assignments, or are having trouble logging on for class please email me at pvernon@peekskillschools.org. 


    Google Classroom Codes :

    Dance Classes:

    Dance Period 3 Day 1- fhlilvl

    Dance Period 3 Day 2- do6h3d5

    Dance Period 5 Day 1- 2o2g74v
    Dance Period 5 Day 2- 2ils5up

    Physical Education Classes:

    P. E Period 2 DAY 1- w75yfnb 

    P. E Period 2 DAY 2- go5t2ok
    P.E Period 7 DAY 1- 23atvlt
    P.E Period 7 DAY 2- 3ym67fw
    P.E Period 8 DAY 1- qqktfuw
    P.E Period 8 DAY 2- m5chxll



    Virtual Bell Schedule (September 8-18th):




    Hybrid Bell Schedule (Starting September 21st):



    If you need to get ahold of me or have any questions please reach out to me by calling (914) 737-0201 ext. 3505, or by emailing me at pvernon@peekskillschools.org.