• Overarching Goal: PHS Overarching Goal 2020-21:

    To Increase the Overall High School Graduation Rate to 87 percentage points and improve Students’ Performance on the New York State Regents Exams by 5%

     Timothy Cavanagh 

    tcavanagh@peekskillshools.org (914) 737- 0201 ext. 3625

     Social Studies Teacher PACE Program


    My name is Mr. Cavanagh and I am proud to be in my fourth year teaching at Peekskill High School as the PACE Program Social Studies teacher. I am excited to make connections with my students as well as sharing my knowledge of history to engage students to reach academic success and enjoy my classes. I am available every day from 2:46 until 3:00 for call back. Students are encouraged to meet with me with any concerns or for extra help. 

    This year I will be gladly teaching:

    Global History and Geography I -9th Grade

    Global History and Geography is a two-year course at Peekskill High School.  The first year of the course examines world history prior to 1770.  Beginning with the birth of civilization and continuing with a cross-cultural, chronological journey through the ages, Global History and Geography I challenges students to rediscover life before thent of the Industrial Revolution.  It is a window into the world’s past, a state-mandated course culminating in a Regents examination.

    Global History and Geography II - 10th Grade

    Global History and Geography II is a cross-cultural, chronological examination of the modern world.  From the Age of Revolutions to the present day, the Global History and Geography II curriculum examines the individuals, events, and challenges of the modern world.  Of course, in order to fully understand the current day, it is essential to explore the beginning and development of trends which paved the way to today's experiences. 

    United States History and Government - 11th Grade

    This course is designed to give students a better understanding of American History. Through the course you will gain a deeper understanding of the people & cultures that have made America the country that it is. We will also spend time discussing current events. At the end of this school year you will take the NYS United States History Regents Exam.

    Economics - 12th Grade

    Economics is a half year elective course offered in the social studies department, studying of the choices and decisions people make about how to use the world’s resources.  Understanding economics will help students make informed decisions for themselves and assess the decisions made by others.  This course will help students understand key economic principles and how those principles are put into action in the real world. This course demands responsibility and concentrates on the development of higher ordered thinking skills.

    Participation in Government-12th Grade

    This course aims to provide students with opportunities to become engaged in the political process by acquiring the knowledge and practicing the skills necessary for active citizenship. Content specifications are not included, so that the course can adapt to present local, national, and global circumstances, allowing teachers to select flexibly from current events to illuminate key ideas and conceptual understandings. Participation in government and in our communities is fundamental to the success of American democracy.

    Mr. Cavanagh's Schedule 

    Period 1- Study Skills Google Classroom Code = dgjxxgbe

    Period 2- Global II- Google Classroom Code = rty7gtq

    Period 4- Economics- Google Classroom Code =m5t3qr6

    Period 6- US History and Government- Google Classroom Code = uhunapo

    Period 8 -Global I - Google Classroom Code = g3gumrk

    Call Back 2:46- 3:00 (Please visit)

     All major assignments and homework will be on google classroom.


    All grades will be posted on Infinite Campus. It is reccommended for you to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account in order to monitor your son/daughter's progress.

    Expectations of student during livestreaming lessons 

    • Mute your microphone except when speaking
    • Participate in group discussion
    • No background noise
    • Only the student in the class should be viewed by the teacher - no exceptions
    • Attendance - students must participate in the entire lesson in order to be marked present


    Virtual Learning Bell Schedule


    Staff Professional Period 0

    7:40-8:20           40 Minutes

    Homeroom (P. 1)- SEL Check & Connect 

    Breakfast – 14 minutes

    8:50-9:00         10 Minutes

    Period 1

    9:00-9:30          30 Minutes

    Period 2

    9:35-10:05           30 Minutes

    Period 3

    10:10-10:40        30 Minutes 

    Period 4

    10:45-11:15        30 Minutes

    Period 5

    11:20-11:50       30 Minutes

    Period 6

    12:30- 1:00        30 Minutes

    Period 7

    1:05 --1:35        30 Minutes

    Period 8 

    1:40-2:10           30 Minutes

    Period 9

    2:15-2:45         30 Minutes

    Grading Policy and Homework Rationale





    Test / Projects / Writing Pieces

    Class Participation (based off PBIS point system)

    PACE 9-12





    ** PACE classes use different grading categories/percentages but all classes are aligned within the PACE program. It is necessary for all PACE classes to have the same grading categories/percentages in order for the PBIS points/ticket system to work effectively. 


    • Homework should demonstrate that it was completed with care and accuracy.

    • Homework should be completed to the best of each student’s ability.

    • Homework should be returned to school on time.

    • Homework will be graded based on completion and correct responses.

    Below are you can view the course Syllabus for each class.

    Global History and Geography I

    Global History and Geography II

    United States History and Government



     World Map