• Timothy Cavanagh 

    tcavanagh@peekskillshools.org (914) 737- 0201 ext. 3625

    Google Classroom/Office Hours during distance learning

    Monday - 11am -12pm

    Wednesday - 11am-12pm

    Friday 12pm- 1pm

    Work will be posted Tuesdays and Thursdays by 9am


     Social Studies Teacher PACE Program


    My name is Mr. Cavanagh and I am proud to be in my third year teaching at Peekskill High School as the PACE Program Social Studies teacher. I am excited to make connections with my students as well as sharing my knowledge of history to engage students to reach academic success and enjoy my classes. I am available every day from 2:46 until 3:00 for call back. Students are encouraged to meet with me with any concerns or for extra help. I will also be at the Elton Brand Academy to provide extra help every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:30. Let's have a great school year!!

    This year I will be gladly teaching:

    Global Studies I- Grade 9

    Global Studies I- Grade 10

    Global Studies II Grade 11

    Economics and Participation In Government Grades 11 & 12

    Mr. Cavanagh's Schedule

    Period 2- Study Skills

    Period 3- Global II- Google Classroom Code = xbqjnkl

    Period 5- Participation in Government - Google Classroom Code =

    Period 7- Global I - Google Classroom Code = a2acpdo

    Period 8 -Global II - Google Classroom Code = xbqjnkl

    Call Back 2:46- 3:00 (Please visit)

     All major assignments and homework will be on google classroom.


    All grades will be posted on Infinite Campus. It is reccommended for you to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account in order to monitor your son/daughter's progress.

    Grading Policy and Homework Rationale





    Test / Projects / Writing Pieces

    Class Participation (based off PBIS point system)

    PACE 9-12





    ** PACE classes use different grading categories/percentages but all classes are aligned within the PACE program. It is necessary for all PACE classes to have the same grading categories/percentages in order for the PBIS points/ticket system to work effectively. 


    • Homework should demonstrate that it was completed with care and accuracy.

    • Homework should be completed to the best of each student’s ability.

    • Homework should be returned to school on time.

    • Homework will be graded based on completion and correct responses.

    Below are you can view the course Syllabus for each class.

     World Map