My name is Mr. Cavanagh and I am proud to be in my fifth year teaching at Peekskill High School as a Social Studies teacher. I am excited to make connections with my students as well as sharing my knowledge of history to engage students to reach academic success and enjoy my classes. I am available every day from 2:46 until 3:00 for call back. Students are encouraged to meet with me with any concerns or for extra help. 

    Please email me with any questions, concerns or if you need assistance with an assignment. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


    Phone: (914) 737-0201 ext. 3721             


    This year I will be gladly teaching:

    Global History and Geography I -9th Grade

    Global History and Geography is a two-year course at Peekskill High School.  The first year of the course examines world history prior to 1770.  Beginning with the birth of civilization and continuing with a cross-cultural, chronological journey through the ages, Global History and Geography I challenges students to rediscover life before thent of the Industrial Revolution.  It is a window into the world’s past, a state-mandated course culminating in a Regents examination.

    Global History and Geography II - 10th Grade

    Global History and Geography II is a cross-cultural, chronological examination of the modern world.  From the Age of Revolutions to the present day, the Global History and Geography II curriculum examines the individuals, events, and challenges of the modern world.  Of course, in order to fully understand the current day, it is essential to explore the beginning and development of trends which paved the way to today's experiences. 

    Study Skills - 9th Grade

    Study Skills is a class designed to help students improve learning effectiveness and motivation in their core academic classes. Students will learn strategies and techniques that lead to successful transitions including college and career readiness. There is a focus on time management and organizational skills; note taking, test prep, and test taking strategies; textbook reading and goal planning. Students will learn how to analyze their personal data to predict learning outcomes. In addition, students will work in small groups or one-to-one with their Special Education Teachers to advocate for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) accommodations and to achieve their IEP goals and Transition Plans.


    Mr. Cavanagh's Schedule 

    Period 2- Global II- Google Classroom Code =  rsxj7e3

    Period 3- Global II- Google Classroom Code = 6tdasob

    Period 5- Study Skills- Google Classroom Code =rkddiil

    Period 6 -Global I - Google Classroom Code =3vibxnh

    Period 7- Global II- Google Classroom Code =   dctdxjk


    =Call Back 2:46- 3:00 (Please visit)


    All major assignments and homework will be on google classroom.


    All grades will be posted on Infinite Campus.

    It is reccommended for you to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account in order to monitor your son/daughter's progress.

    Infinite Campus (checking your student's grades):

    Log onto https://www.infinitecampus.com/ 

    On infinite campus you can look at your student's grades, attendance, and behavior.



    Grading Policy and Homework Rationale

    Grading Policy:

    Assessment = 50%

    Classwork = 35%

     Homework = 15%

    Social Studies Department Homework Policy Rationale: 

    Homework helps students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning, fostering good lifelong learning and study habits, and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning. Regular homework contributes to the development of sound study habits and self-responsibility in children. It is a valuable means of fostering understanding and it serves as a communication link between school and home that shows parents what children are learning


     Extra Help:

    I am available for Callback every day in Room 210. I am also available after school at the Elton Brand Academy (days still to be determined). Please take advantage of extra help when you need it!

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