• Welcome to Dr. Hannigan's 2019-2020 English Page

    The Basics:

    Teacher’s name- Dr. Hannigan

    Teacher’s email-channigan@peekskillschools.org

    Teacher's schedule-

    Pd. 1 (Analyzing Photography, room 215, 8:10-8:51am);

    Pd. 2 (StepUp: Intro to College English, room 215, 8:54-9:35am);

    Pd. 3 (Prep, room 215, 9:38-10:22am);

    Pd. 4 (Lunch, Teachers Room 11:09-11:50am);

    Pd. 5 (English 9, room 215, 11:09-11:50am);

    Pd. 6 (Cafeteria Duty)

    Pd. 7 (Analyzing Photography, room 215, 12:37-1:18);

    Pd. 8 (English 9, room 215, 1:21-2:02)

    Call Back- for all students, every day in room 215 2:47-3pm.  Later time slots are also available by appointment.

    Click below for links to the class syllabus or course outline:

    English 9 Syllabus

    English 12 Syllabus

    Course Outline for WCC-StepUp: Intro to College English

    Course Outline: Analyzing Photography



     Grading Policies

    Please log onto our PHS Parent Portal in order to see your child's current grades for ELA

      • Assessments= 50%  This includes Mid-Year portfolio, Final portfolio, Benchmark Writing Assessments, projects, exams and quizzes.

        • Students will also engage in test-corrections.  After a test has been administered, scored and returned, students will have an opportunity to correct their mistakes during class.  Their successful work will result in up to half points rewarded for correctly fixed and justified responses.

      • Classwork and Participation= 40% 

        1. Each Friday, your child will complete a weekly rubric to assess her/his performance for the week.  This rubric will contain the following categories:  Attendance, Do Now, Preparation, Participation, and Behavior. 

        2. Assignments include:  Do Now, worksheets, group work, in-class writing.                                                              

      • Homework= 10%  See our grading check system.  Missed assignments must be completed in a timely fashion (by the end of the week).


    All of our lessons are available online through google classroom.  Students are expected to access our google classroom if they are missing any information from class or if they are absent. To enter our English class online, select the correct class and use your class code to enter our classroom (see below):

    En Español:  Todas nuestras lecciones están disponibles en línea a través de Google aula.  Se espera que los estudiantes accedan a nuestro aula de Google si falta alguna información de la clase o si están ausentes.  Para entrar a nuestra clase de inglés en línea, seleccione la clase correcta y utilice su código de clase para entrar en nuestro aula (ver abajo):

    Period 1 (Analyzing Photography) code=  mrpbh26

    Period 2 (StepUp: Intro to College English) code=  8u3ywi

    Period 5 (English 9) code=  25mvdb

    Period 7 (Analyzing Photography) code=  w7neut

    Period 8 (English 9) code=   9wuixs


    Parents are welcome and encouraged to join our google classroom in order to see what your child is working on in English class this year. 

    (En Español): Los padres son bienvenidos y animados a unirse a nuestro aula de Google con el fin de ver lo que su hijo está trabajando en la clase de inglés este año.

    I also encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I prefer email (channigan@peekskillschools.org), or call me at PHS (914)-737-0201 Ext. 3648, and I will return your call at my first available time.

    (En Español): También te animo a que me contactes si tienes alguna pregunta o inquietud. Yo prefiero el correo electrónico (channigan@peekskillschools.org), o llámeme al PHS (914)-737-0201 Ext. 3648, y le devolveré su llamada en mi primera hora disponible.