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    The best way to get in contact with me is be emailing me at kmahy@peekskillschools.org

    You can also call Peekskill High School to leave a message on voicemail at (914) 737 0201


    English will be a time to continue growing our skills in literature and writing. Using Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, along with other works, we will explore how authors create both windows into the world and mirrors that reflect our world. Theme, characterization, literary devices, and author style will all be explored in depth. We will delve deep into authors such as Sherman Alexie, Edgar Allen Poe, Sandra Cisneros and others to model and study literature at its finest. Through reading, writing, analysis, discussion, and projects we will respond and learn about literature, as well as create original work. Students are expected to read independently outside of class in order to authentically use the skills developed in class. A portfolio of written pieces throughout the year will be used to show your growth and will be showcased in June.



    Please visit the "Important Infromation" page for grade breakdowns, homework rational, and your google classroom code!