Larry Del Casale: Teacher Bio

    Mr. Larry Del Casale is a Concert guitarist and Latin Grammy nominee. He began his career as a Music Teacher in 1987 and is currently the Choral Director for the Peekskill City Singers, an A Capella, vocal Jazz group, he has nourished and refined since 2012 within the Peekskill City School District.  The “City Singers” as they have become to be known, have performed at various political functions including the inauguration of the NYS Senator, Terrance Murphy, and various functions for the Peekskill Mayor, Frank Catalina.

    Mr. Del Casale has performed in Carnegie Hall and concert halls throughout the United States and Western Europe to this day. “My passion as an Artist is to provide my students with the most realistic, professional, musical setting as possible, as this will alter their personal and professional lives forever regardless of their life’s ambition.” “Mr. Del Casale is a solid, musicianly player who performs eloquently.” The New York Times


     Larry Del Casale: Career Bio

    Larry Del Casale
    Classical Guitarist/Latin Grammy Nominee
    “Mr. Del Casale is a solid, musicianly player who performs eloquently.” The New York Times
    “Carlos Barbosa-Lima is joined by Larry Casale, and I'm minded of nothing so much as Towner again,
    this time in his duets with John Abercrombie. But where Ralph and John reached for the stars, Leo and
    Larry dig their feet firmly into the warm sands of a moody cay on the ocean as wind and dark clouds scud
    by, exhilarating and foreboding simultaneously”. Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (Beatlerianas)
    “Mr. Del Casale’s recording, Zenobia, is a handsome introduction to the music of one of Puerto Rico's
    outstanding composers, one whose music is marked by a cool lyric quality that comes through very strongly
    in the sensitive interpretations of this highly simpatico artist” Atlanta Audio Society
    Mr. Del Casale has been performing as a soloist and chamber musician since 1983 as
    demonstrated on his CD, Zenobia and most recently with Beatlerianasa. (Zoho ZM
    201304). Mr. Del Casale’s love for the ensemble format has afforded him the opportunity
    to work with a variety of distinguished artists over the years. The New York Times and
    other industry periodicals have praised Mr. Del Casale’s artistry and musicianship.
    2013 marks the release of an all Leo Brouwer recording, Beatlerianas, featuring Carlos
    Barbosa-Lima, the Grammy Award winning ensemble, the Havana String Quartet and
    Mr. Del Casale who recorded here the Micropiezas with Barbosa-Lima.
    Mr. Del Casale has assisted the Brazilian guitar virtuoso Maestro Carlos Barbosa-Lima
    since 2003 in concert an on recording as the Maestro’s duo partner. It is this collaboration
    that Mr. Del Casale is most recognized. Both guitarists have performed in New York,
    France and Italy.
    In 2011 Mr. Del Casale collaborated and recorded with legendary Brazilian percussionist
    Duduka da Fonseca and Carlos Barbosa-Lima in creating a video for Savarez strings.
    (YouTube: Barbosa-Lima amd Del Casale)
    In 2010 Barbosa-Lima and Del Casale were guest performers on WNYC, Sound check,
    with host John Schaefer and a few days later both guitarists appeared for a third time at
    Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. In 2008 Mr. Del Casale was the featured soloist at
    the New York Guitar Seminar at the Mannes College of Music where he was an invited to
    perform a set of solo guitar compositions by Ernesto Cordero. The New York Times
    praised Mr. Del Casale’ interpretations.
    Mr. Del Casale is a graduate of The Mannes College of Music where he studied under the
    eminent Albert Valdes-Blain and later with guitar virtuoso, Michael Newman.