• 2023-2024  School Year   

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    Course:  Introduction to Hip-Hop Studies (for elective or college credit).  

    First and foremost, my goal as your teacher is to support you as you discover the reader, writer, oral communicator, critical thinker, artist, and dreamer that lives within you.   

    Course Overview:

    Living legend and Hip-Hop’s first master teacher, KRS-One, defines Hip-Hop simply as “Life”.   In this course you will explore the life of Hip-Hop that began in 1973 in the South Bronx.  Throughout our study, you will learn about the various artistic, historical, and socio-political developments in Hip-Hop culture since its birth date.  Finally, as a result of taking this course, you will better understand Hip-Hop as an extension and expression of Black intellectual traditions, political philosophies, and aesthetic forms.  You will also be immersed in a creative learning environment that will allow you to use your unique gifts to create Hip-Hop-inspired art.  

    Most importantly, in my class, I will encourage each of you to see and accept yourself as capable of learning, comfortable with expressing yourself freely as you learn, and deserving of love and respect. 

    I look forward to an amazing year with you all

    SUNY A ENG 106:  Introduction to Hip-Hop Studies   

    Meeting Times:  Periods 3 and 5, room 232

    E12 Elective:  Introduction to Hip-Hop Studies 

    Meeting Time:  Period 7, room 232 


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Pd. 3  vynfdfx 

    Pd. 5  ly2dtti 

    Pd. 7  iypflwz

    My email jfernandez1@peekskillschools.org