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    Welcome to my page! I am Ms. Jill Shanahan, the teacher for the R.I.S.E program, which stands for "Reaching Independence through Skills and Education". This is my 4th year at  Peekskill High School after teaching on Long Island for over 20 years. I have spent the last 4 years teaching  the R.I.S.E program and I am very excited for this school year!



    Our mission is to support all of the students in R.I.S.E and their families in planning, coordinating and developing resources that meet their unique needs and preferences. We believe that listening and collaborating with individuals and families is paramount, by exchaging knowledge, information and skills, we will develop partnerships of mutual trust and respect.


    The RISE program focuses on teaching the students necessary Life Skills which equips the students with social, emotional,academic, and interpersonal skills that help enable them to cope with the demands of everyday life.  The OBJECTIVES of this program are to build self-confidence, encourage critical thinking, foster independence through functional activities, and to help the students to communicate more effectively.





    Guide to Google Classroom for parents:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iowi-gmbys

    Google classroom link: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTUzMzQ1MjU3NDY4?cjc=ium2qx7

    Google Classroom Code: ium2qx7




    Important information for parents:https://www.peekskillcsd.org/Page/8036


    Our schedule: 


    Period 1- Special

    Periods 2- Special

    Period 3 & 4English (Day 1) 

                            Math    (Day 2)

    Period 5- Lunch

    Period 6,7 & 8-  Career /Academic Exploration

    Period 9- Special







    Independence through

    Skills  and


    We are a team!