• English 10 - Period 3 and Period 9 Co-taught with Ms. Potts.

    In English 10, we will be continuing the literacy skills and standards that started in ninth grade.  These skills will lead students to practice text analysis, writing repsonses and analyzing literary examples, and also evaluating and writing arguments based on state standards.  The class continues the process of preparing for the 11th grade English Regents Common Core exam by addressing the standards in these categories and covering several subset skills using fiction, non-fiction, film, poetry, art, and music.  

    English Department Grading Policy -

    Assessments  = 50%       Classwork and Participation = 40%           Homework = 10%

    Room - 228

    Email: ptaylor@peekskillschools.org / spotts@peekskillschools.org

    In order to use Google Classroom you will need use your Google ID to log in and you will need your class code:

    Ex: firstname.lastname@peekskillschools.org

    Google Classroom Code:    

    Period 3    -  16oyxz           LINK: https://classroom.google.com/c/NDE4NDQ1MjE0MjBa         

    Period 6    -  19may3y        LINK: https://classroom.google.com/c/NDE4NDQ1MjE0NDZa

    Please email me any questions or to sign up for Google classroom to follow the assignments on the calendar.