• Greetings Students,

     I will post learning materials and assignments on Google Classroom.  Please check there daily.

     If you're not already on Google Classroom, here are the codes to join:

    Period 1, Day 1 Math Support:  q2ha4as

    Period 1, Day 2 Math Support: jjicqgq

    Period 3, Personal Finance A: hkwihsn    

    Period 7, Personal Finance A: thyc54i   

    Period 8, Day 1 Math Support: 5bljgfc   

    Period 8, Day 2 Math Support: ilp2pux       

    Many of the homework and classwork assignments are on Delta Math (deltamath.com).

    The easiest way to get on is to login with Google, or you can use the code 347282 to create an account.

    After creating an account, only an email address and password are needed to log in.

    Passwords for Delta Math should be at least 8 characters long; I recommend using PHS followed by your student ID #.  That will be easy to remember.

    Students should leave their cell phones in their lockers since they are not permitted in class.  In case of an emergency, parents may call the Main Office at 914-737-0201 and ask to be connected to Room 222.

    Please email me with any questions.

    --Mr. Erickson