Ms. Rodriguez's Class Page

    Please find the Google Classroom code for your class below as well as my class schedule this year.  I am available for conferences or extra help Monday-Friday at call-back or Fridays from 3:00-4:00 at Elton Brand.  I can be reached at zrodriguezalcazar@peekskillschools.org with any questions or concerns.



    2017-2018 Schedule               

                    Period 3: AP US Government and Politics (1ouzut7)

                    Period 4: AP US Government and Politics (1ouzut7)

                    Period 5: Cafeteria Duty

                    Period 7: US History (jwzf71l)

                    Period 8: Special Topics in Latin America and the Carribbean

                    Period 9: US History (jwzf71l)

                    2:47-3:00: Call Back (ogw512)