Class Goals & Philosophy

  • ENL at the Transitioning, Expanding and Commanding Levels is a support class for students who also have an ELA class. This is different from  Entering/Emerging ENL, which is a double period that can take the place of ELA.

    Students in my ENL class do not receive formal homework assignments for my class. Instead, I encourage them to focus on completing their homework and projects for all their other classes, which can be a challenge for middle schoolers navigating two or more languages. One of my goals is to work together with teachers and students to provide extra help and guidance for subjects such as ELA and Social Studies within the ENL classroom.

    Peekskill Middle School ENL students show good progress in the (NYSESLAT) New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test), and I refer to that test throughout the year. However, my main goal is to promote self-expression, pride, a sense of identity and, of course, English language acquisition through support of the material from the PKMS ELA and Social Studies curricula, as well as supplementary material with a focus on the literature by and about people from the same cultural backgrounds and bilingual experience as my students.