• Dear Parents,

    Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Peekskill Middle School, along with 39 other secondary schools in Westchester County, implemented a Student Assistance/Project SUCCESS Program.  This program is funded by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services through the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health.  The program will provide alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention, education, and counseling services to students including early identification of students experiencing, or at high risk for, substance related problems, and students involved in bullying situations and problem gambling.  It is anticipated that this combination of services will accomplish the following goals:

    1. prevent the development and reduce the incidence of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use or related problems
    2. improve school performance and attitudes toward school among program participants

    Please click on the "contact information" area to your left for more information about our Project SUCCESS program counselors.

    We are hopeful that this program will show promising results.  Data will be collected to assess the overall effectiveness of the program in preventing and reducing risk factors for alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, and problem gambling.

    Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions about the program.