• Ms. Kristy Zupa

    Special Education Teacher 

    Team 6 North- Room 115

    Check here for information about Mr. Cancro and Ms. Zupa's 1st and 6th period ELA classes, and Ms. Alvarez and Ms. Zupa's 3rd and 8th period Science classes.


    Contact Information 

    Email: kzupa@peekskillschools.org

    Phone: (914) 737-4542

    Office Hours During Remote Learning:

    Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m

    or by appointment as needed


    Google Classroom Codes

    Cancro/Zupa ELA Period 1- qtp2lww

    Cancro/Zupa ELA Period 6- 7tz4dfu

    Alvarez/Zupa Science Period 3- yapdmfw

    Alvarez/Zupa Science Period 8- dvwnwof

    Zupa Period 2 Skills- xwjlvjr 

    ***Please note: Only @peekschoolschools.org emails may be added to the Google classrooms. Parents cannot be added to classes, but feel free to view any information/assignments using your child's username and password.***


    Helpful Parent Websites

    Special Education/504 District Website

    Commitment to Character 

    Attendance Matters 

    Family Health and Wellness



    Please refer to this page to find out information about 6N ELA periods 1 and 3 and 6N Science periods 3 and 8 including:

    • Project Due Dates
    • Upcoming Tests
    • Resources 


    6 North ELA Grading Policy

    Homework- 10%

    Citizenship/Participation/Effort- 5%

    Classwork- 20%

    Tests/Quizzes 30%

    Projects/Benchmark Writing- 35%


    6 North Science Grading Policy

    Homework- 10%

    Citizenship- 5%

    Tests and Quizzes-45%

    Labs/Activities/Classwork/Projects- 40%