• Welcome to Social Studies! Room 225                                      

    Mr. Nickolas Sakellariou “Mr. S”

    Social Studies
    School Year 2021-2022
    8:45-9:00 HOMEROOM
    9:03-9:44 PERIOD 1
    9:47-10:28 PERIOD 2
    10:31-11:12 PERIOD 3
    11:15-11:56 PERIOD 4
    11:59-12:40 PERIOD 5 
    12:43-1:24 PERIOD 6
    1:27-2:08 PERIOD 7
    2:11-2:56 PERIOD 8
    Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year!. Most assignments and instructions will be posted on Google Classroom. Links for the Google Classrooms are provided on the left side of my webpage. For access please click on the Google Classroom link on the left side of this webpage, all of the access codes for classes are listed there. If there are any questions please email me nsakellariou@peekskillschools.org-if you would like my phone number please contact me using email and I will respond with my phone number.
    Grading Policy
    Classwork:              45%
    Tests/Quizzes:      50%
    Homework:             10%
    Citizenship:              10%