• Woodwinds
    Welcome To the Peekskill Middle School Band Page! 
    Please visit frequently for updates on concerts, homework, lesson schedule, trips and more.
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    My name is Norah Carney and I am the middle school band director. Band rehearsals are every other day so we meet 2-3 times per week. On top of regular rehearsals, students will have weekly group lessons. These lessons are done by instrument type so students get a more individualized instruction. In these lesson groups we will work on:
    -Rehearsal Skills
    -Musical Literacy
    -Concert Etiquette
    -Musical Preparedness
    There is an expectation for students to practice daily. Practice for a musician is their homework and is the most effective way of becoming a well rounded musician. Proper practice skills will also be reviewed in groups lessons.
    Please feel free to peruse the website and contact me at ncarney@peekskillcsd.org