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    Teacher:Mr. Bucci           Email:fbucci@peekskillschools.org. 

    Phone:914-737-4542                Room 321


    2021-2022 Fall Class Codes

    Period 1 - 7th Grade (Day 1)     tbuaqx5

    Period 2 - 6th Grade (Day 1)     d425fpu

    Period 2 - 6th Grade (Day 2)     z3jgr2j

    Period 3 - 8th Grade (Day 2)     ruprozy

    Period 5 - 6th Grade (Day 1)     p2x6t3s

    Period 5 - 6th Grade (Day 2)     ndpm42w

    Period 6 - 7th Grade (Day 1)     ug7kvx3

    Period 6 - 7th Grade (Day 2)     al75lnv

    Period 7 - 8th Grade Accelerated (Day 1)     k6razt6

    Period 7 - 8th Grade (Day 2)     rks3ojb



    Course Description: Technology 6,7,8 are courses encompassing a variety of high-end computer technologies including graphic design (Paint.Net), video editing/production (Movie Maker / EzVid) 3D Graphic Design (Sweet Home 3D) and web design (using a variety of tools). Also performed in this course wil be several STEM (Science, Technology, Engineerining & Math) units. The course is designed to introduce a variety of tools and techniques which students can use to enter or prepare for a career, or to introduce them to a field study they can pursue in college or trade school.




    During the course of the school year, we will be exploring a variety of technologies and programs.  I try to select software that is the “industry standard” or uses the same types of tools and/or techniques.  I also attempt to target different areas of interest (Office applications, graphics, 3D, video editing, etc…) We will also be performing several STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) units.

    Some of the concepts we will be covering this year include:

    ·         Computer Hardware and Maintenance

    ·         Keyboarding

    ·         Internet Search Strategies

    ·         Email using Google Mail (Gmail)

    ·         VEX Robotics

    ·         Using Google Docs

    ·         Pivot Animator

    ·     LEGO Minstorms NXT

    ·         Paint.Net for editing/retouching photos

    ·         Paint.net for production pieces (i.e. magazine covers, movie posters, etc.)

    ·         3D Home Design using Sweet Home 3D

    ·         Video Editing using Windows Movie Maker

    ·         Bride Design using West Point Bridge Builder

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    We will also be performing several STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) units.

    ·         Structures - Marble Maze

    ·         Balsa Bride/Tower Design

    ·         Magnetic Levitation

    ·         Flight – Water Rockets