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    What an amazing year we are going to have!  Besides having a great time learning who scientists are, we are also going to take on the role of a biologist. (Biologists are scientists who study all living things.)  We will explore the smallest living organism (a single cell, bacteria) as well as complex, multicellular creatures, like you and me.  Can’t wait to get started! How about you?


    6th Grade Science Grading Policy

    40% of the grade comes from labs, journal reviews and in-class activities

    45% of the grade comes from tests, quizzes, projects and non-lab assessments

    10% of your grade comes from homework

    5% of the grade comes from citizenship

    (being respectful, kind, and courteous)


    Ms. Leitner

    Room 126

    PKMS – 914-739 -4542