• Welcome to the Art Room!

    The sculpture room is a comfortable, safe environment where students are encouraged to use their imagination and discovery their own individuality and creativity


    Please feel free to reach me with any questions, concerns or comments!



    Ceramics & Sculpture info

    Use the correct code below to join our Google Classroom.
    Please be sure to join the correct Google classroom period and day
    Quarter 1 & 2: 
    DAY 1: 
    Period 1 Day 1 - 7th Grade Ceramics: lcrwnny
    Period 3 Day 1 - 8th Grade Sculpture: uydkcyf
    Period 5 Day 1 - 6th Grade Ceramics: oi7yiqt
    Period 6 Day 1 - 8th Grade Honors Ceramics: k2xegwc
    Period 7 Day 1 - 8th Grade Sculpture: nw5h6c6
    DAY 2: 
    Period 1 Day 2 - 7th Grade Ceramics: ggnzjg2
    Period 2 Day 2 - 6th Grade Ceramics: nulisfr
    Period 5 Day 2 - 7th Grade Honors Ceramics: 3khgz3x
    Period 6 Day 2 - 7th Grade Ceramics: lfh6zad
    Period 7 Day 2 - 8th Grade Sculpture: 6tp6vie
    Because this is an art class, we will be working with hands on materials and will not be using Google Classroom on a regular basis. We will only be using Google Classroom if we move to 100% virtual. Please join our classroom just in case we go virtual this year.
    (See the link below for instructions on how to join our Google Meet)

    What supplies to we need?
    Please bring a pencil with you to class each day.
    What if I have a question, how do I contact you?
    You can email me at Lvonbergen@peekskillcsd.org or you may write to me through Google Classroom. 
    What if I don't draw very well?
    That's okay! As I always say in class, I am NOT expecting your work to look like amazing masterpieces...I only expect you to TRY YOUR BEST, put EFFORT into your art and HAVE FUN! Remember, when you submit a drawing, I am the only one that will see your work.
    How do I hand in my assignment?
    All of your work will be turned in in person.
    If we go virtual for any reason, you will take a picture of your work and submit it through Google Classroom (see below)
    Once in our Google Classroom click on the Classwork tab
    Click on the assignment you want to view
    Then click the following buttons;
    View Assignment
    + Add or create
    Camera (Take a picture of your drawing)
    Turn in
    What if I am having trouble uploading a picture to Google Classroom?
    If you're having trouble uploading the picture directly though Google Classroom, try one of the following ways;
    1. Attach a Google Doc
    Open a Google Document and insert the image into the document. Then attach the document through Google Classroom or share it with me via Google Docs.
    2. Email me a photo of your drawing
    Email the photo directly to me. Just be sure to include your full name, class period and day, and tell me what assignment your drawing is for. 
    If you're still having trouble, please let me know exactly what the issue is so I can try and help you.