A note to my Students and Parents/Guardians

  • Good Morning Skills Students and Parents!

          It's great to be back as your Skills Teacher! I have missed each and every one of you! I have looked at some of your work that has been submitted to your other teachers and want to congratulate those of you who have been working hard on your assignments! Great Job Guys!!! 

          As of Monday, March 23rd, I will be posting your assignments in our Google Classroom. Please log in each day and complete the assignments posted by the due date. The first assignement is from Khan Academy which is a combination of videos and practices on the topic of Commas. Please do your best to complete the activities by the due date. I will be reviewing and grading accordingly. Also, if you need help with any of the assignments from your other teachers, please email me at msettembre@peekskillschools.org with any questions youn may have. I will be checking my email frequently throughout the day and get back to you to help you with your questions.  

    I noticed that a few of you have not joined the my Google Classroom. Please do so as soon as possible. In case you have forgotten your classroom code, I am listing them below.


    Perod 1      Period 2      Period 4       Period 5     Period 8

    wejklji     3ql6np6      kovdx45      pertyjf        bvwiey2


         Please be safe and stay well!

                       Ms. M. Settembre

                       Special Education Teacher

                       Peekskill Middle School