• Welcome to Ms. Schultz’s teacher page. 

    I am the Special Education teacher for the following classes:

    • 6th grade Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes for Science (Period 1 & Period 3, Day 1)
    • 6th grade Integrated Co-teaching (ICT) classes for Social Studies (Periods 1 & 3, Day 2; Period 6, Day 1 & Day 2)
    • 7th grade Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class for English Language Arts (ELA) (Period 8, Day 1 & Day 2)
    • 7th grade Skills class (Period 7, Day 1 & Day 2)

    I am certified to teach Special Education, English Language Arts (ELA) and English as a New Language (ENL).  I have Master's degrees in Special Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 

    I can be reached via email at tschultz@peekskillschools.org.  Please email me with any questions or concerns that you have.