• Welcome to Ms. Schultz’s teacher page.  I am the ELA teacher for 6th, 7th and 8th grade 15:1+1 classes.  I also teach the mixed grade level 12:1+1 PACE class.  

    I can be reached via email at tschultz@peekskillschools.org.  Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you have.  

    During the school closure, all work will be assigned on my Google Classroom pages.  The codes to join are below.  Your child has already joined, as we have been working wih Google Classroom on and off all year long.  I do not believe that parents can officially join the Google Classroom.  However, if you send me your email (using my email above) I can add you to the page as guardians and you will receive some notificatons about the page.  

    Google Classroom Codes to join that class:

    Period 2 (Grade 8): mceu2n3

    Period 3 (Grade 7): ss46mur

    Period 4 (PACE): ubcyyel

    Period 6 (Grades 6/7): iivg5fz

    Period 8 (Grade 8): zdz55hg


    I will be offering "office hours" for an hour a day in order to speak live with your child and answer any questions they have.

    My office hours will be:
    Monday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
    Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 am - 10:00 am

    This will means that I'll be available in Google Hangouts during this time.
    If you need help outside of office hours, please email me.

    Suggested Websites for extra reading, writing, and grammar practice:
    www.newsela.com: I have created classes here. Within two assignments, the text will be leveled to your child's reading level.  Please see assignments on Google Classroom page.  
    www.getepic.com: I have created an account, so all students to get access books for free on this page.  Please see Google Classroom for details.  
    Please continue to monitor the ELA Google Classroom page with you child, as I will be posting information, assignments, and resources daily.