• The Peekskill Middle School’s School Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of the principal, assistant principal, coordinator, teacher leaders from each grade and the areas of ENL, special education, physical education, ELA, math, social studies, science, and reading. The team meets monthly and serves as a vehicle for professional collaboration and systemic alignment. The SLT analyzes student academic and behavioral performance data, examines school climate surveys, determines needs, sets goals aligned to and in support of District goals, and develops plans for improving student learning and instructional practice.  Activities revolve around an action-inquiry cycle that engages teachers in questioning, studying, planning, experimenting, reflecting, and assessing.  
    The team presented our school learning plan to the Board of Education on November 3, 2015.  Based upon the information presented, the Board of Education posed questions relative to literacy, mathematics, program and staffing needs, school climate, student engagement and learning, and instructional practice. 

    PKMS School Leadership Team Presentation