• Ms. McKay’s Core X ELA Distance Learning Schedule   mmckay@peekskillschools.org


    Post assignments/ work with students


    Office hours 9-11am /review progress


    Post assignements/ work with students


    Office hours 9-11 am/ review work/feedback/grade


    Check and connect

    Independent work

    Fluency Friday

    Office hours are times dedicated to being online and available for direct communication for specific issues, although communication is not limited to that time. Feel free to make contact at any time and will get back to you as soon as possible. The schedule is organized as Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday student work, when I will be posting assignments and working with students. Tuesday and Thursday are for review, feedback and grading. Friday is for either check and connect, independent work or a Fluency Friday if students are available to read together. Fluency Friday will alternate each week between the Day 1 and Day 2 students.                                   

    Google link Gr. 6-1 Day 1 period 2                                                                 

    Google link Gr. 6-2 Day 2 period 2

    Google link Gr. 6-5 Day 1 period 5

    Google link Gr. 6-6 Day 2 period 5

    Google link Gr. 7-1 Day 1 period 1

    Google link Gr. 7-2 Day 2 period 1

    Google link Gr. 8-1 Day 1 period 3

    Google link Gr. 8-5 Day 1 period 7

    Google link Gr. 8-2 Day 2 period 3

    Google link Gr. 8-6 Day 2 period 7

    Google Classroom Codes

    Grade 6 Day 1 Period 2 is kefat5y      

    Grade 6 Day 2 Period 2 is d4p2oi3 (letter o not the number zero)

    Grade 6 Day 1 Period 5 7kdzswc  

    Grade 6 day 2 Period 5 is ns36hqj


    Grade 7 Day 2 Period 1is c5jmwn5  

    Grade 7 Day 1 Period 1 is jpmptyj


    Grade 8 Day 1 Period 3 is o7zzywj      

    Grade 8 Day 2 Period 3 is ebdybcl

    Grade  8 Day 1 Period 7 is kidaru4

    Grade 8 day 2 Period 7 is psv5rdv