¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

    I am Sra. Cordova, your new Spanish teacher.  I have taught middle school for more than 18 years.  I love sharing the language and culture of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries with my students.  In my free time, I love to read, listen to music, dance and watch movies.  When I'm able to, I love to travel with my family as well!

    Sra. Cordova 

    Welcome to the 1st year of study of Spanish.  In this class, your child will learn to communicate in basic Spanish sentences relating to everyday life.  This year is the first of two years of study of Spanish that will lead to the FLACS exam.  The student will receive a high school credit upon complete successfully the two years of Spanish as well as the FLACS exam.

    For Spanish class we use the REMIND App.  From your cell phone, you can text an new text message to the number 81010. Then, in the message box, place the appropriate code for your class:
    Spanish 7:  @eh4f8bg
    Spanish 7A: @327af9
    You will receive notifications and reminders for your student's Spanish class.
    To contact me you may email: rcordova@peekskillschools.org
    or call: 737-4542 
    Period 2: 5pgxiya 
    Period 3: eik5b53    
    Period 4: mqu7gwj
    Period 7:  x4ciygm
    Period 8: oize535
    The Alphabet-- Alfabeto  
           Basho and Friends ABC Basho and Friends
    "Introductions and Greetings" Vocabulary Introductions
    Notes of numbers from 0-30
    Days and Months Dias y meses
    How to tell time- La hora-  La hora 
               Review sheet for numbers and time: Numbers and Time Review
    Map of Spanish Speaking Countries: Mapa
    Countries Project: Countries Project Rubric
    Weather Vocabulary Weather Vocabulary
    Body Parts:  Las Partes del Cuerpo
    Classroom Vocabulary En la sala de clases 
    Chapter 1A vocabulary Vocabulary 1A--1    Vocabulary 1A--2  Ch 1A PDF
    Chapter 1B Vocabulary 1B PDF
             Notes on Adjectives Notes on Adjectives
             Notes on Definite and Indefinite Articles Notes Indefinite/ definite
    Chapter 2A vocabulary Ch 2A vocabulary
             Notes on Subject Pronouns Subject Pronouns
             Notes on -AR verb conjugation -AR page one    -AR page two    
    Chapter 2B vocabulary    Ch 2B Vocabulary   Vocabulary 2B-1  Vocabulary 2B-2 
            Notes on PluralsNotes on plurals 
            Notes on Estar Notes on Estar
            Notes on -Er and -IR verbs  ER/IR notes
    Chapter 4A/B Vocabulary: Ch 4A/B Vocabulary
    To contact me you may email: rcordova@peekskillcsd.org
    or call: 737-4542 
    Grading Policy:
    Test/ Quizzes/ Projects 45%
    Classwork/ Groupwork 35%
    Homework 10%
    Citizenship/ Participation 10%