Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies- Mr. Salvatore Team 8 North

    Please Note: ALL students have registered in Google classroom according to specific class periods. All announcements, assignments, content & assessments will use this platform.


    email: psalvatore@peekskillschools.org


    Just in case registration codes are as follows:


    Period 1: rdpeckj


    Period 2: b3cuohm


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    Period 5: i5rewxi


    Period 8: iget7lg

    Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies! We are very excited to continue your journey of learning together. We look forward to picking up where you left off last year. This year is very important. You will be taking the PKMS 8th grade Social Studies Assessment that will evaluate what you have learned during your time here at Peekskill Middle School.  As partners, we can ensure you will be successful and perform at your highest level.

    Classroom procedures: What We expect you to do every class

    • We expect you to be in class ON TIME.

    • When you enter the room, check for a handout, be seated quietly, take out your planner, write your homework and follow any other directions (everyday the homework will be on the board in the top right corner.)

    • You must have your planner every day!

    • Seating arrangements and groupings change with units and activities.

    • You must sign-out to go to the bathroom and take the pass. Only one student may be out at a time. We expect you to use common sense and respect in choosing a time to go (e.g. don’t go in the middle of important directions or when a student is presenting his/her work)! If this privilege is abused We will move to a more restrictive policy. No bathroom passes are issued the first or last 10 minutes of each class period.

    • We expect the room to be left clean and tidy for the next group of students coming in. Please do not leave any trash on the floor or on the desks, or write in any textbooks.

    • Cell Phones, I-Pods, Electronics etc… are to be put away. Store them in your locker. Failure to follow policy will result in administrative consequences.


    • You will have at-home assignments several days a week.

    • Your assignments need to be neatly hand-written or typed.

    • Please use the proper heading on ALL assignments.

    • Your assignments must be completed on time (See attached homework policy sheet).

    • You may not have homework on weekends- as long as we complete the work for the week by Friday!


    • Each quarter, your average will be determined by your performance on several types of assignments: class work/homework, longer written assignments (DBQ’s), quizzes, tests, and projects.

    • We will provide rubrics for major assignments, such as projects and longer written pieces. We will go over these rubrics in class.


    • 50% Tests & Quizzes
    • 35% Class & Group Work, Projects
    • 10% Homework
    • 5% Citizenship. 


    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up missed work.

    • If you are absent for more than 2 days, please have a parent/guardian call Guidance for a homework request.


    • You will benefit from a designated workspace to complete assignments.

    • You should expect to spend approximately 20-30 minutes each night on homework.


    This year we will continue our study of American History. Our course of study is divided into smaller blocks or units. We will begin with a review and continue looking at the many changes our nation has gone through. Topics include: the Industrial Revolution (Phase 2), Reform, the Progressive Era, U.S. involvement overseas, WWI, the Roaring 20’s, The Great Depression & the New Deal, WWII, the Cold War, Civil Rights Era, Vietnam, and our other challenges & triumphs in the new century!