• Welcome to Peekskill Middle School.  This time of adolescent development and exploration requires both academic rigor and high expectations accompanied with both social and emotional support.  Our student's needs and learning styles are examined and accommodated within our school.  Safety and security is paramount as well as academic successes and long-term planning for HS and beyond.  Our “teaming” structure enables all educators and learners to work collaboratively and connect both in and out of the classroom.  Each of the three grade levels in the Middle School is divided amongst the two teams (North and South), for a cohort of approximately 220 students per grade level. 
    Each team has CORE curriculum teachers, in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and LOTE (Language other than English).  These teachers work together through the course of the year, keeping track of the progress of each child in the cohort, both academically and developmentally. With a full year together, the teachers get to know the individual students very well, creating a support system with individualized approaches, while allowing for more in-depth teaching of the core subjects. 
    The class schedule is set up to support this CORE curriculum approach. There are blocked periods for all grade levels, which provided ample opportunity to share instructional approaches, create an interdisciplinary unit together within a controlled block of time during the day, extend subject areas, and/or collaborate with respect to state testing and administration/assessments. 
    The teachers have common teaching and planning times, enabling them to meet as a team with the Counselor, Special Education teachers, the School Psychologist, the Social Worker, the nurse and other colleagues as needed. Common teaching time also gives the teachers flexibility to accommodate special projects by combining classes or by “swapping” time blocks to create longer sessions. The CORE teaching team coordinates assignments so that work is evenly distributed, and organizes special activities, community service projects, field trips and interdisciplinary programs for the entire student cohort. In addition to the blocked period option, the flexibility built into the class schedule also allows for re-organizing the entire cohort into groups based on interest or ability for special projects, or for bringing the whole team together for a special topic, and then breaking into homeroom groups for further discussion of the topic.
    Similar to College/University, the “no-bell” process/system allows for this flexibility to occur with minimal disruptions to the learner’s school day.  The CORE teachers are also available to meet as a group with parents, if needed, to discuss a child’s progress. This can be arranged through the Counselor who will track and work with your child throughout the year.
    Callback is a program offered everyday between 2:40-3:00pm as an extra-help type of environment across all disciplines.  Our students, staff, and school come first as we continue to live and learn, improve each day, and work together towards greatness.