•                                                         Welcome To Speech and Language with Ms. Bivians

    I am 1 of the speech therapist at the Peekskill Middle School.  

    Speech and language consist of 5 main areas.

    1. Morphology - How words are put together, word endings and prefixes.

    2. Syntax - Rules used to put sentences together in order for the sentence to make sense.

    3. Phonology - The rules and patterns that we use to put sounds together.

    4. Semantics - Using and understanding of language which is word meaning and word relations.

    5. Pragmatics - Is the use of language for social exchange.

    Your Child's Communication consist of the following:

     Listening: Listen to and understand information


      1. Use words correctly in conversation.

      2. Use language to ask and answer questions.

      3. Take part in group discussion.

      4. Give correct directions to others.

      5. Summarize ideas in their own words.

      6. Organize information so it is clear.


      1. Read for specific reasons

      2. Use what they know to understand new material.

      3. Follow written directions.

      4. Learn meanings of new words.

      5. Use reference materials, like a dictionary.

      6. Talk about the author's reason for writing a story.

      7. Talk about what they have read in their own words, called paraphasing.


      1. Develop a plan for writing that includes a beginning, a middle and an end.

      2. Organize writing around the main idea.

      3. Edit final copies for grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

    If a student has difficulty in 1 or more areas of language, the student will demonstrate difficuly communicating with teachers, peers and family members and also with their written language. I believe that as a speech therapist, it is my job for my students to achieve academic excellence as well as having confidence in themselves, both orally and academically.  If you or your child needs to reach me, you can reach me at ybivians@peekskillschools.org. 

    The site your child can link to is "Epic Books", which they can work on their reading skills, answering questions using complete sentences, finding the main idea and finding and using detail information within the stories.