• Welcome to 7th grade Physical Science!
    Mr. Salvatorelli
    Room 232 
     Welcome to 7th Grade Physical Science!
    I'm Mr. Salvatorelli, and I'll be introducing you to some of the most fascinating topics in physical science this year. This is my 8th year teaching in Peekskill Middle School, and my 12th year teaching overall. I graduated from college in 2008, received my first Master's Degree in 2012, and my second Master's Degree in 2015. I currently live in Yorktown with my wife and two daughters with a son on the way. I enjoy playing baseball, football and hockey.
    I look forward to working with you all this year and I am very excited about the activities that will be completed. You have all built a solid science foundation with Life Science in 6th grade, and we are going to build on that foundation this year with physical science. Physical science is a combination of physics and chemistry, two important branches of science that have a place in our lives every single day. Together, we will become more familiar with the natural world that exists around us by CONTINUING THE WORK together.