• Carolee Finney is the orchestra teacher at PKMS and is excited to join the PCSD community this year! She currently teaches 6th and 7th grade orchestra rehearsals and string instrument lessons. 


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    We have several string instrument performance groups at PKMS. Featured at our winter, spring, and MIOSM (Music in Our Schools Month) concerts are the 6th and 7th grade string orchestras. Additionally, the advanced Select Strings and Chamber Orchestra ensembles regularly perform at community and school events. Our student musicians are highly accomplished performers who continuously demonstrate their drive and enthusiasm for achievement in both the arts and other disciplines. Many of our students are in multiple ensembles both during and after school, and also perform in the PKMS Winter Musical. The music programs here at PKMS are thriving, and we invite you to join us at our upcoming performances to share in our love of music!   

Ms. Carolee Finney



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Carolee Finney

   My name is Carolee Finney, and I am currently the orchestra       teacher at Peekskill Middle School in Peekskill, New York. I         received my B.S. in Music Education and Senior Music                 Education Award from Adelphi University in May, 2016 and         my initial teaching certificate for K-12 Music Education in New     York in November, 2018. I previously taught general music,       chorus, and orchestra in the Bedford Central School District,       NY. I am currently enrolled in the graduate music education       program and am completing my Kodály and Conversational         Solfege certifications at the Hartt School of Music in West           Hartford, CT. 
I am primarily a violist, though I also have experience teaching all string instruments, as well as familiarity with woodwind, brass, and voice. I rehearse and perform regularly in White Plains, NY with the New Westchester Symphony Orchestra, and also currently teach strings at two private music studios in Fairfield County, CT. I am a member of NAfME, OAKE, ASTA, and FAME. I have frequently attended the annual NYSSMA Winter Conference in Rochester, NY, both as a past representative of my university and a private music teacher, because I am passionate about connecting with other teachers and broadening my knowledge in the field of music education. I have a strong Kodály background from Adelphi University, and received my certification in "First Steps in Music" at a graduate course taught by John Fierabend at Gordon College, MA. I am dedicated to continuous professional development and am passionate about teaching elementary general music as well as orchestral studies. I have strong connections to my community, and love to find new ways of connecting with colleagues and families to strengthen our music programs. Having been inspired by John Fierabend's strong belief in teaching with a "thirty year plan" and Shinichi Suzuki's commitment to teaching all students regardless of background or skill level, my goal is to enrich the lives of my students through experiences studying and performing high quality, beautiful literature. 
“In making music “one’s own,” it clarifies notions of self and other and opens up opportunities to surmount or accept the boundaries between human beings. Such a broad view of music enables teachers and their students to come to understand the many similar and different ways in which people around the world express themselves musically…”

- Jorgensen, E. (2000). Becoming a multiple intelligence school. 

  • Hello everyone! This is a friendly reminder that we are now on Day 2 of our distance learning adventure, and I have updated all Google classrooms with new information about assignments. Later today I will also be posting the first music theory assignment to make sure everyone knows how to access MusicTheory.net. Stay tuned and stay safe! 

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  • The Google classroom code for 6th grade is: dvpiqz5. The link is: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/Mzg4MjcyNDAyODZa 

    The Google classroom code for 7th grade is: tr354bq. The link is: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/Mzg4MjcyNTE2MTFa 

    Students and families are encouraged to check the classroom stream regularly for new assignments. During these two weeks, I will be posting 2-3 short music theory assignments. Additionally, both grades have been assigned a literacy project for Quarter 3 that is due April 20th. I will be answer questions via email or Google classroom comments. 

    Stay safe! 

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  • *******IMPORTANT NYSSMA UPDATE***************

    As of today, all of the NYSSMA festivals this year have been cancelled. Please see Google Classroom for a more detailed notice. 

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  • Rehearsals for Chamber Orchestra are postponed indefinitely. More information soon! 

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