Learning about Life

What is Life Science?

  • We will be exploring all that it means to be a special kind of scientist, known as a biologist.  The things we will learn include topics that will introduce us to microscopic organisms as well as places as big as the world we live in.   As a team we will understand what science is and develop the thought process and use the tools that scientists need to get their exciting job done. We will be describing what makes something alive! We will also explore the fact that all living things are made from one or more cells. We will explore how living things survive. We will discover what chemical reactions occur in organisms to create the energy each one needs to live.  We already know that living and non-living things have to work together to make life worth living. Eventually, we will define how we rely on each other to survive and to thrive (get even better).  Did you ever wonder how are we able to move, breathe, digest, reproduce and maintain our health? These questions will be answered as we get to better understand individual organisms.  And finally, we will be spending time understanding why some species no longer exist, and look at the parts of our Earth that help us to adapt to change.   



    Quick note about Grading... Here is how your grade point average will be earned:


    35% of your grade comes from classwork, group work and labs.

    45% of your grade comes from quizzes, tests, and projects.

    10% if your grade will come from homework assignments 

    10% of grade will come from citizenship.