• Mrs. Rizzuti's (*and Mrs. Fervan's) 2020-2021 google classroom codes are listed below!   

    Please add youself to you class period on classroom.google.com.  


    Math 8

    Period 2:  3sk2do6

    *Period 4:  ueqbxrc

    *Period 8:  y5cfzgc


    Math 7


    Period 3:  pv4uinf

    *Period 7:  d5ovt27



    Good afternoon All,

    In an effort to provide support for  families, we have established an email address for the community to reach out for Math Help.  
    MathHelp@peekskillschools.org is now active.  This email can be given to anyone: students, parents, or other stakeholders.
    Any questions that you have that are pressing can be sent here and Peekskill's own Director of STEM will be able to assist you in the even that I can not.  
    Happy Calculating!