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    Welcome to our health class page!
    My name is Mr. Kozloski and I am your child's Health Education teacher. 
    About Health Class
    The health curriculum is designed to familiarize students with issues they may encounter during their middle school years and throughout their lives. It is designed to provide knowledge and experience, which will enable them to make choices that will have a positive impact on their health. 
     ***Update - due to school closure***
    Due to the COVID-19 closure, starting on the week of 4/13,
    I will only post assignments on Tuesday and Thursday. 
    If you need to reach out to me you can email me at anytime. I will also be available via email or Google Classroom for office hours Monday-Friday from 10:00-11:00.
          Google Class Codes
    Day 1 Period 1: ui7xovh
    Day 2 Period 1: aifbyy3

    Day 1 Period 2: rpf4w5t
    Day 2 Period 2: bbqnvky
    Day 1 Period 3: ek6vxcj
    Day 2 Period 3: jhx3ph5
    Day 1 Period 6: qyyryhf
    Day 2 Period 6: drgiiiq
    Day 1 Period 7: 2wntxk2
    Day 2 Period 7: aoff4if


    Feel Free to Contact Me! 
    Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to a great year filled with healthy bodies and minds!


    Mr. Kozloski

      Peekskill Middle School

      Room 226 

      (914)737-4542 EXT: 2226