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    Welcome To Mrs. Montoya's Kindergarten Classroom!

    Please check in daily (Monday-Friday) for updates on what to work on while we take a break from meeting in class.
     If you need to contact me for any reason, please email me at jmontoya@peekskillschools.org
    Your child has access to RAZ kids. Login cards have been sent several times over the school year and last week. Please contact me if you cannot locate your child's login information. Have your child read for 20 minutes each day. 
    Zearn is a math program that your child uses to reinforce math concepts we learn in class. Your child can access this at home too. Login cards were sent home, if you cannot locate this information, please email me so I can provide you with this information as soon as possible. 
    Please visit my "Interesting Web Pages" for a list of resources to use this week. You can find Zearn and Raz kids links there as well. 

     ☀️ Morning Message 4/6/20🌞 



    Good Morning Friends!  

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and an opporuntity to get outdoors for a little bit. Please be sure to check my teacher page every day this week!  I have a surprise planned for you, it's just not quite ready. So keep checking back.

     I am proud of you because I checked Raz kids and saw that a good number of friends were reading this past week. If you were able to get on RAZ from 3/29/20- 4/5/20 you were rewarded with 100 stars on Raz kids! If you did not get a chance, show me how much you can read this week and I will award some more! I promise! 

    **FYI: This Friday 4/10/20 will be a Non-Instructional day of school - therefore no work will be added to the website that day **



                                                            Monday 4/6/20  

    READING Day 13: Take Out a Book From Your Bag OR Choose one from home. Practice naming the front cover, back cover, spine, and the title of the book. Ask a parent or sibling who the autor and illustrator are. Then, read your story OR ask a parent or sibling to read it to you. 
    Writing Day 13: Write a how to book about HOW TO MAKE A SANDWICH.  Make sure you use a capital letter to start every sentence, use a finger space, write a letter for every sound that you hear, and use punctuation. Can you read your writing? The worksheet is in your packet.
    Math Day 13 SKILL: Numbers & Operations
    Complete a calendar with your child (see packet)OR Click here for New Blank Calendar
    Choose 2-3 DAILY MATH ACTIVITES from the cover sheet list (see packet AND Scroll down)
    Review counting objects to 20 and additon to sums of 5. 
    Complete Addition sheet  
    Have your child log on to ZEARN.com MATH work for 10-15 minutes
    Social Studies Day 13: Needs and Wants. Draw 3 things you WANT and label them. If you didn't get a chance to watch this video about NEEDS AND WANTS - Click the link ->  NEEDS AND WANTS VIDEO 
    The username is one word: woodsideschool
    The password is: brainpop
    Science Day 13: Graph the weather and temperature. Complete your weather journal. (see packet)

    What do you predict the weather will be tomororw? Discuss with someone in your home. 

    COOL THING TO TRY! If mom or dad has a smart phone - GOOGLE "Panda" or any other animal. Just underneath the image search results and the Wikipeida description of the panda, you'll see a little box that says "Meet a lifesize giant panda up close". Click the "view in 3D" button and then click "view in your space" to see the panda in your own surroundings (such as your living room or kitchen)! **So far this feature only works on a smart phone** HAVE FUN!


    Please complete Day 13 Activities that are located in the Kindergarten General Education/ICT Packet 

    Click here for Kindergarten Packet



    Daily Math Activities to Choose 2-3 activities from: 

    • Orally count by 1's, 5's, and 10's to 100. You can try the "Cowboy Count" by clicking here: Cowboy Count 

    • Review the days of the week and the months of the year Days of the week song  

    • 12 months of the year song and exercise

    • Practice writing numbers from 0-25 (or higher)

    • Practice recognizing numbers 0-25 (or higher) (Many of our kiddos need to work on teen number identification) Click here for flash cards to print and cut out 1-20

    • Practice 1 to 1 counting 0-25 (or higher) (you can use pennies, cereal, beans etc., to tell how many) 

    • Practice Shapes (see packet) 

    • Practice naming colors. 

    • Practice positional words: in, on, over, under, up, down etc.