• Dual Language Program 
    Three Pillars of Dual Language programs:

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    What are Dual Language Programs?

    Dual language is a form of education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages. They are considered  “additive” bilingual programs because they “add” a new language for students instead of an antiquated subtractive model that aims to extinguish a minority language and move a student to exclusively use English.

    Dual language programs generally start in kindergarten, though at PCSD we offer dual language classes to our PreK students. These programs aim for bilingualism and biliteracy  (the ability to speak, listen, read and write fluently in two languages) in addition to academic achievement and cross-cultural competence. 

    Our Program Models:

    One-Way Dual Language refers to a class taught by a certified bilingual teacher and consists of English language learner students who all speak the same native tongue. One-way programs support one language group of students to become bilingual, bi-cultural, and bi-literate. In PCSD, students whose primary language is Spanish would learn in English and Spanish on alternating days (50/50 model).

    Two-Way Dual Language refers to two classes taught by two different teachers (one Spanish speaking and on English speaking)  and consists of students who are English language learners and native English speakers. Two-way programs support two language groups of students to become bilingual, bi-cultural, and bi-literate. In PCSD,a mix of first language Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students would learn in both languages, alternating languages by day (50/50 model).

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    Dual Language Teachers by Grade:

    Pre-K (Uriah Hill)

    • Yolanda Pagan
    • Gianina Weichsler

    Kindergarten (Woodside)

    • Stephanie Garcia
    • Rita Rosa
    • Amanda Zacardi
    • Dilenia Martinez
    • Louise Oteiza 

    First Grade (Woodside)

    • Laurindha Carvalho
    • Donna Marzello
    • Nicole Guzman
    • Raquel Lucas
    • TBD

    Second Grade (Oakside)

    • Alexis Vazquez
    • Jennifer Feliz
    • Amanda Luria
    • Mercedes Torres
    • Jessica Newby

    Third Grade (Oakside)

    • Nancy Castro
    • Michelle Hernandez
    • Stephani Vargas
    • Axa Quijada
    • Deanna Pelaccio
    • TBD

    Fourth Grade (Hillcrest)

    • Laura Pena
    • Karin Reininger-Flores
    • Ashley Fernandez
    • Jennifer Badurski

    Fifth Grade (Hillcrest)

    • Emily Diaz
    • Marlix Hernandez
    • Jennifer Bruno
    • Heydi Rodriguez 

    Dual Language Program: Entry Criteria:

    Entrance Criteria
    All students who enter Peekskill CSD for the first time must complete a home language survey where parents are asked:

    Is there another language spoken in the home?  If yes, what language?

    Does the student speak a language other than English?  If yes, what  language?

    If the answer is yes to either one of these questions, the school’s ENL teacher determines if NYSESLAT scores from another district are available or if the student needs an informal questionnaire to determine if NYS’ NYSITELL exam should be given to the student.

    Parent Resources:

    NYS Seal of Biliteracy

    Supporting Spanish at Home Presentation/Apoyando el Desarrollo del Idioma Español en el Hogar

    Woodside K Dual Language Orientation video

    Monolingual parents of kids in dual language – you’ve got this!


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