• The Peekskill Board of Education recognizes that regular school attendance is a major component of students' academic success.  Through the implementation of this policy, the Board of Education expects full attendance by all students, and to reduce the level of unexcused absences, tardiness, and early departures. 

    The Special Services Department has implemented a five point plan to improve attendance district wide. This includes an Attendance Matters Campaign and adopted the Attendance Works criteria for good standing attendance. 

    Please support our Attendance Initiative! #PresentForOurFuture!

    0-9  Good Standing Attendance 
    10-18 At Risk Attendance
    19-34 Chronic Attendance
    35 + Severe Attendance

    Click here to view our Board of Education's Attendance Policy.

    Click here to view our Abbreviated Attendance Policy

    School Arrival Times: 

    Uriah Hill: 8:30AM
    Woodisde: 9:00AM
    Oakside: 8:20AM
    Hillcrest: 8:20AM
    PKMS: 8:20AM
    PHS: 8:05AM

Attendance Everyday (Spanish)