Peekskill City School District Athletic Philosophy
    As a public school in New York State, a member of the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A. Section One, we are governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the State, Section, League, as well as the Peekskill City School District Policies. The Peekskill City School District recognizes that athletics are an excellent learning experience, an extracurricular program of the educational institution. It is understood that the athletically active student is usually successful in all areas of school. Therefore, we stress participation in sports for as many students as the program can handle.
    Interscholastic athletics are a privileged activity involving a great amount of time and effort. It is important for all those involved to remember that they, as team members, represent the Peekskill City School District and the communities it serves. Therefore, all athletes are to demonstrate good citizenship, and the finest display of sportspersonship at all times throughout the school and the community. 
    Our Peekskill Intramural Program is designed to foster learning, growth and development of our future students who will compete in interscholastic sports. This is a growth and development model to assist in areas of good citizenship, sportsmanship, teamwork and sports skills.   
    The motivation necessary to develop teamwork, leadership qualities, and special skills, in the pursuit of excellence, is most often exemplified by striving for victory. Ultimately, however, winning is secondary. The qualities and experiences gained in these sports are the true measure of excellence in our athletic program.
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