• Hello. My name is Dawn Hoagland. It is my pleasure to teach art to all of the students at Woodside from Monday through Friday. The kindergarten art program at Woodside consists of an introduction to art materials and techniques appropriate for very young children. I provide a mix of lessons which encourage individual exploration and lessons which are based on guided drawing exercises to provide students with confidence and experience. The first grade art program continues to give students the opportunity to explore materials and techniques of interest to each child as well as group guided drawing exercises that expand student confidence and experience. I introduce the elements of art: line, shape, color, form and texture so that students can gain familiarity with the language and concepts necessary to understand and make great art. 
    Children I love to display my student's art work at various places throughout the year. There is always a rotating display in the art room at Woodside. All year long I provide the Field Library artwork from our youngest artists which they love to prominently display. In the middle of the year, the Peekskill Art Department displays student work on the walls of the Peekskill Coffee House. At the end of the year the entire art department of Peekskill features a wonderful display of work from every school in the district at the Westchester Community College on Division Street with a reception for parents and students.