kids on computer


    I am so EXCITED to meet you and help you to become an official Ditigen


     (Digital Citizen!)


    Learning how to responsibly, respectfully and safely use Tech”knowledge”y

    is key!


    Technology is awesome and you will be so proud of your success.


    You will be a little nervous at first and that is OK! I am too, there is a lot going on... It’s a new school year, new friends, new teachers, new routines it can be a little scary! However, I can promise you something, You are so smart and once you get into the routine, you will be helping me remember a few things!! Technology is so interesting there's always something new to learn so let’s get started already!


    Hello, brilliant, curious minds are you ready to dive into a magical world?  We will be stepping into the digital world also known as... “THE INTERNET”....dat dat dahhhh!  We will learn so many things. Like parts of the computer what is the monitor, keyboard, modem?, What is the difference between software and hardware? We will learn cool and important techniques: how to properly place your hand on the mouse to C.D.D. (click, drag, and drop).  Did somebody say mouse control? No crazy clickers over here...We have mouse control! Learning our letters and where to find them on the keyboard.  Do you know where home row is? You will! How do we open and close an application or program? You little Einsteins will be so busy having fun you won’t even realize you’re learning, building your vocabulary, self-esteem, and confidence!


    You go little rockstars!


    Before our little fingers start clicking away, we must learn how to be safe on the computer. Using any device with Technology is a BIG deal! My friend Spiderman always tells me "With Great Power, Comes Great RESPONSIBILITY" So, we learn how to be safe, responsible and respectful using our computers at Woodside. We will learn how to navigate the internet by being safe, responsible and respectful because we are Digital Citizens! Learning about our digital footprint matters and will make a huge difference, trust me you are future leaders!

    Go on be a role-model, don’t let anyone stop your shine!

    Get those little fingers and clever, amazing brains ready!

    We are getting our Technology ON!