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    This is going to be another busy and exciting year as your child will be learning a great many new things. Try to encourage them to tell you about their days as well as what they may have to do, like homework, and any exciting new things coming up.


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    Hello Families,


    I write to you today to help put your minds at ease in this uncertain time. We are in uncharted waters and are doing all we can to ensure that your children still have the educational resources they so desperately need. With that said, I made a packet of work for the class on Friday. Please be sure to look at district website to see times that you can pick up not only the work packets, but also grab and go meals for your children. The work packets are a broad base of work that cover skills of our very diverse class of learners. Parents please use your discretion as the work varies in level of difficulty to ensure access and differentiation for all learners and levels of ability within our class. Not all work is appropriate to each student. Rather, their is work designed to help all students on skills and ability levels suited to their needs.

    In addition to this. All students can Login to our Google Classroom site. Here I will be reaching out on a daily basis, I will do so here as well. In Google Classroom I will provide additional learning opportunities. These include links to new work, links to read alouds for students who struggle with the reading and PowerPoint presentations that can help students understand or refresh strategies and skills for them to practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me on Google Classroom or by email directly. I will be checking in multiple times a day on both Google Classroom and on my direct email. In addition to this Google Hangout is available as a way to interact in a visual or auditory way. It works like group chat, but has a video capability similar to Skype.


    Be safe, and be well. Pease let your children know that I miss them and I will be here remotely every step of the way. Please see specific websites below that children may use independently to continue work at home:


    www.splashlearn.com (students know it as Slash Math, the name changed recently, but all else is the same) I have specific lessons designed for each individual student here for them.

    www.raz-kids.com (students know their logins and work here on reading skills on their own individual levels).

    St Math (students can login using the Clever Portal on the Peekskill website under the Staff Heading).



    Mr. Harrison

    Special Education Teacher

    Hillcrest Elementary School






    Hello Hillcrest Families,

    I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? I have a request to parents. Please use my email (pharrison@peekskillschools.org) email me your cell phone numbers please. I want to make sure they are up to date. With that I am able to invite you to my Remind App class. This will allow me to communicate to you in real time to let you know of developments and classwork for your children on the Google Classroom. Thank you very much in advance. Be well.



    Mr. Harrison

    Special Education Teacher

    Hillcrest Elementary School





    Hello Parents and students,

    Please take the opportunity to go to Hillcrest tomorrow between the hours of 9:30-12:00. We have prepared work packets for your children, if you have not done so already please go pick one up! In addition to this, they are also providing breakfast and lunch for all children in your households. Please take advantage of this opportunity while it is still possible. Also, remember, accept the invitation to my Remind app that I sent every parent via text. This will allow for consistent contact to answer any and all questions and for me to be able to assist you as comepletely as possible. Also, do not forget that your children will also have new work daily sent to the google classroom. Please use this resource as it is the best way to ensure that their education can continue as seemlessly as possible at this time.




    Happy Friday parents and students. Please continue to be safe and practice social distancing with your families. Make sure that you wash your hands consistently and try not to touch your face. With the public service announcement aside, I hope you are all well and safe. As we are consistently sending work to all of you to ensure you can still learn and practice skills at home, be sure to recognize this as also being a time where you have much m ore time to spend with your families. 



    Good Morning Families. Welcome to a brand new week. I hope everyone had a good and restful weekend. As always, remember that grab and go meals are available at your childrens schools for breakfast and lunch, curbside pickup. Any families who have not accepted the invite to Remind please do so, it is a very quick and easy to share information and for you ask and have questions answered.

    Also, Mr. L. created a Google Classroom Page. If you go on my Google Classroom Page you can see the code to join his as well. Any families who did not make it by the school to pick up your work packets do not worry, they will be mailed to your homes this week. In addition to this, I am adding fresh work to our Google Classroom every day, with the exception of the weekends. Be sure you practice your skills, this will ensure that you do not forget what you have learned and are ready to keep going when we get back to school.

    I miss you all and look forward to when we can get back to our learning!!!


    Mr. H



    Good morning all. I hope the beautiful day has everyone in good spirits. Just a reminder to all parents, students can and should log in to my Google Classroom so they may start working on their assignments. I know we all have a lot on our plates right now, but it is important that our children stay engaged and continue to practice skills so they retain them. I have reached out to all of you via phone and Remind. Be sure to add so you can keep in contact and I will be able to answer any questions you may have.


    Mr. H



    Good morning everyone. So ere we are on day number 632 of being at home :)LOL

    I trust you are all finding new and inventive ways to keep yourselves entertained at home. Try to have some fun in addition to the work we are sending. Make a fort, play hide and seek in the house (P.S. even more fun at night with the lights off). Remember if you haven't already singed up for Remind to do so parents. This is a quick easy way to get in touch with me and to aks any qwuestions you may have about distance learning. In addition to that don't forget to join Google Classroom Class Code "dsbb6xa" I post on the classrom daily as I do here and check all three locations multiple times a day. Be well, be healthy and try to enjoy the time that you are afforded right now to just be with one another.


    Mr. H




    Good morning all, How is everyone today? I trust every one is well and hope all are healthy. Reminder, that grab and go meals are still being provided at schools until 12:00 today. Look at district website to check locations. Also, if you haven't joined Remind or Google Classroom get on that! Remind is a quick easy way to keep contact for any questions or needs. While Google Classroom is our online leanring center. Everyone have a great day today.


    Mr. H 




    Good morning all. I hope everyone had a great 4 day weekend and got to spend good quality time with family. We are back to our distance learning. Do not forget to do at least 20 minutes of reading daily as well as one activity page per day from your work packets. Also, remember, go on Google Classroom, their are fun activities to do everyday. In addition to this, be sure to use RAZ-Kids, ST Math, and Epic. These are all fun ways to continue to practice your reading and math skills. I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.


    Mr. H




    Good morning everyone. Welcome to April, try to get out for a little while and enjoy the nice weather if possible. Remember to do some good solid reading today and pop on a program of your choice (RAZ-Kids, ST Math, Splash Math, Epic) and do a lesson, or read one of the books you have been assigned. Have a great day!!!


    Mr. H 




    Hello families, I hope everyone is in a good place as we enter the month of April. Hard to believe we are here, the days are all bleeding together in some respect at this point. Remember, this is a wonderful time to be able to spend time with one another and to work on things for yourself that you might not always have time to do. In addition to this, remember to get your reading in and to visit google classroom for new work from myself, Mrs. Vogel, Mrs Iamiceli, Mrs. Kroohs, Miss Skolnick, Miss Moczarski, Miss Kramer, Mrs, Flagler, and messages from Mr. Dodaro.


    Mr. H




    Good morning all. Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone had a great week. Your Friday assingments are all up on Google Classroom. So either you should be doing a 20 minute read and a page from your packet, or go on Google Classroom and listen to Mrs. Vogel's read aloud and enjoy.



    Good morning everyone. Happy Monday :)

    I hope everyone enjoyed the good weather over the weekend, with responsible Social Distancing of course. To start this week do 20 minutes of reading today. This could be with a book, or using RAZ-Kids or Epic. In addtion to that. I posted a video in google classroom. Watch the video, and open a google doc and tell me any 3 things that you leanred from  the video. Then share it with me. Have a great day, another beautiful one, try to get out and soak up a little sun today!!

    Mr. H